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DJMK Live Mix Winter 2011

After some time off, I really enjoyed putting this one together, enjoy.

1.   The Beginning (Intro) – Original Mix, Joachim Garraud
2.   There Will Be Singing – DJ Koze Remix, Efdemin
3.   Fortune – Original Mix, David Mayer
4.   Hippie Hang Out – Original Mix, Gabi 2B
5.   Acid Monks – Original Mix, Alex Kenji, Luigi Rocca
6.   Hardwork – Walker And Royce Remix, Publicist
7.   Work That – D-Formation Remix, That Kid Chris
8.   La Verdad (Sentimiento) – Valencia Mix, David Penn, ATFC
9.   The Rules Of The Game – Manuel De La Mare Remix, DJ Falk, Leony!
10.  Higher State – D-Formation Remix, King Richard, Danny Torrence
11.  Before I’m Happy – Original Mix, Dave Spritz, Darko De Jan
12.  A Musquito Bit My Leg – Manuel De La Mare Remix, Perfect Stranger
13.  Chin Stroker – Gary Beck Remix, Alexx Wolfe, Woman In Panic
14.  Underground People – D-Nox & Beckers Remix, Tom Novy, Danny Freakazoid, Strobe
15.  Only You – Haggstrom Remix, Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, Ashley Slater
16.  M.I.T.T. – Original Mix, Sharam, Shakira
17.  Kapow – Bahar Canca Remix, Dylan Rhymes
18.  Who Is Ready To Jump – Original Mix, Chuckie

DJMK @ Twenty Five Lusk

DJMK @ Mighty(!)

DJMK @ SupperClub

DJMK Fall 2010 Mix

Following the energy in the desert this summer, I was drawn to create a more moderate-paced mix. Enjoy the progressive momentum of this mix from start to finish – excellent for workouts or party starts.


Track List DJMK FALL 2010 LIVE MIX

1.  It’s Over feat. Rae Accapella (Intro) – ATFC, Rae
2.  The Feeling – Original Mix, Robert Babicz
3.  Sun Step – Original Mix, Oxia
4.  The Voice – Original Mix, Thyladomid
5.  Double M’s Finest – Original Mix, Jay Shepheard
6.  South Face – Original Mix, Simon & Shaker, Teramik
7.  Jewels – Original Mix, Alex Niggemann
8.  Late Variations – Original Mix, Oxia, Eric Borgo
9.  Is Deeper – Marshall Remix, Wally Lopez, Ismael Rivas (aka Riva)
10. Doomed – Gary Beck Remix, Nihil Young
11. Midnight People – Technasia Dub 2, Sergio, Benoit
12. Shallow Birds – Original Mix, Gary Beck
13. Ze Bangert – Original Mix, Love Girls
14. Sliding Away – Johnny D Remix, 2020 Soundsystem
15. Samsima – Original Mix, Gary Beck
16. ACB Experiment – Gary Beck Remix, Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr
17. Natural Selection feat. The Black Angels – Future Beat Alliance Remix, UNKLE
18. Life feat. Malcolm Carson – Butter Party Remix, Vandal
19. Stuka feat. Sirreal – Original Mix, Stripper
20. Rack Em – Zodiac Cartel, The Loops Of Fury
21. Yin – Original Club Mix, Francis Preve, Wolfgang Gartner

DJMK – Private Event, Triple Crown

DJ Zach Moore

Bret Wadleigh (BDUBZ)
129 mins, 237MB

Miles Kelly (DJMK)
117 mins, 219MB

Syd Gris
57 mins, 108MB

DJ Icon
61 mins, 103MB

DJMK @ The Triple Crown

DJMK @ (the new) JohnColins